How to unblock a BC account

The account in the BC is blocked: what to do, where to contact, reasons for blocking

Cooperation with bookmakers does not cause any special problems for most bettors. But in some cases, users suddenly discover that their accounts in the BC are blocked. Sometimes this happens due to a misunderstanding, and sometimes due to the fault of the bookmaker’s client himself. In this article, we will look at what can cause such measures, what to do in this situation, where to go to unlock your account.

  • The account in the BC is blocked
  • The account in the BC was frozen: the reasons for the application of sanctions to players
  • The most common reason for blocking a user account on the bookmaker’s website is a violation of the terms and conditions of cooperation on the part of the client.
  • Many bettors, when registering, automatically put a tick confirming the fact of familiarization with the Offer. They don’t read the rules because they think they won’t find anything new there.

As a result, they make some kind of, even if not a very serious mistake, and they are taken into account by the BC security service. One or two more violations on the part of the player, and his account will at least be blocked with all the money in the account until all the circumstances are clarified. If, after the proceedings with the security service, the situation develops not in favor of the client, the account may be completely deleted or frozen forever. The fate of the deposit is decided in different ways, the money can be returned to the user, partially returned or not returned at all.

Therefore, before registering with a new bookmaker, it is necessary to read its rules. And even after registration, you can get acquainted with them at any time, as a rule, links to all documentation are at the very bottom of the first page of the bookmaker’s website.

But there are a number of actions prohibited for the player, which may not be mentioned in the Offer. Some of them are quite legal, but the BC still fines bettors for them. Let’s consider what a BC client can do to “earn” an account ban:

Bets on arbitrage situations (arbas) or betting forks

Forks arise due to mistakes and miscalculations of employees of betting shops, but for some reason they are attributed to fraud. Arbas make it possible to make win-win bets on all possible outcomes of the match. For example, if in one BC they give a good coefficient for P1, in the second – for P2, and in the third – for X, then by correctly calculating the sums of three bets, you can make a profit, no matter what result the match ends with.

Forks, as well as similar bets on “corridors”, are very popular with players. Special services have been developed to search for arbitration situations. But they are used not only by bettors, but also by BC employees, tracking forks and knowing what forks are put on.

If this is a bet for large sums, if the player is engaged in this constantly, his account may be blocked. It is especially irrational to catch forks in the same BC, such a betting method will be obvious to the SB in the very near future.
The bettor uses special programs (scripts, bots) to automate bets. In this case, the user can block the IP address, and then the account.

Bets on “contractual”

Not many bettors have such information, since match-fixing happens infrequently, and information about them does not go beyond a narrow circle of people close to teams or athletes. But if we are talking about not particularly important and unprincipled friendly matches, the rivals can agree on the result of the competition. Sometimes friendly clubs help each other in this way when their own tasks have already been solved and you can relax. Players who live in the region where the clubs play may well know about match-fixing at the regional level.

If the information about the agreement reaches the bookmaker, then those who made unusually large bets on this event will definitely be suspected of fraud and their accounts will be blocked.
Using an account on the bookmaker’s website is not for its intended purpose. Some users open accounts in the BC in order to launder, store money or to receive money transfers, etc. Suspecting something is wrong, in this case, the bookmaker can set a condition – before withdrawing funds, the money must first be spent in full on bets.

If the account owner refuses, the account is blocked.

Bets on the so-called “afterglow”. This is a bet on the outcomes that have already occurred, to which the BC did not have time to react in time with changes in the line and coefficients. The company can still turn a blind eye to one such bet. But if a player uses this tool regularly, bets will be calculated with a coefficient of 1, and particularly malicious violators may block the withdrawal of funds.

Multiaccounting or transferring/selling an account to another user.

You can register several times in a bookmaker’s office (which, of course, is undesirable), but a player must have only one registered and identified account. And it cannot be transferred to another person, although such a business is thriving. Professional players are greatly reduced limits, and they are looking for ways to get “clean” profiles in order to earn the maximum on each one until the next block. If this is discovered, the punishment, and quite serious, not only the ban of the account, will be borne by both the buyer and the seller.
Not a notification of a change of documents or place of residence.

Bittorrent is obliged to notify the bookmaker that he has changed his passport or moved within three days after this happens.

Fraud of any kind.

How does registration and identification by forged documents belong to this category. It is also highly undesirable to place bets from the same IP address to several people. For example, if two people live in an apartment who are clients of the same bookmaker, then they may fall under suspicion of collusion if they make bets from the same IP.

Abuse of loyalty programs, bonus hunting.

In this case, we are talking about intentional registration in the BC to receive the maximum possible deposit bonus and its wagering on suspicious events. Or other similar frauds with bonuses, freebets, etc. The Bookmaker can suspend operations on the gaming account, as well as block the account for the time of checking the gaming activity.
Account blocking for reasons beyond the control of the player or bookmaker.

For example, a bettor cooperates with a betting company whose activities in a certain territory are not legal. The website of the organization itself is blocked, and with it the gaming accounts of its customers.
Also, the account can be blocked if the bettor has not used it for a long time, for example, the last year, has not made money for a deposit, has not made a bet. Usually bookmakers inform users by email that their accounts will be deactivated for this reason.

But emails sometimes end up in SPAM, so do not forget to check this folder periodically so as not to miss any important messages from BC.

It is sad to realize this, but there are cases of unfair behavior not only on the part of players, but also on the part of bookmakers. They do not like professional bettors, who often win a lot, not using illegal schemes and methods, but simply because they are good at their business. Such users are at least reduced limits.

And as a maximum, they can allow you to withdraw winnings and then block your account for a far-fetched reason. Ordinary bettors who just got into a lucky streak often fall under the distribution. A few big wins, and they suffer the fate of professional players.

And yet, in defense of the BC, it should be said that they block professional bettors not only in order not to suffer big losses. Such players often have the opportunity to influence the odds by making their bets. By lowering their limits and blocking accounts, bookmakers protect other users to some extent.

How to avoid account blocking in BC

The first thing to do to protect yourself is to read the terms and conditions of cooperation with the bookmaker. The second is to make a decision not to use illegal or gray betting schemes, as well as ways to play on bets that are considered dishonest by BC employees. You can make big bets, but if you are well versed in sports betting and intend to win constantly, it is better to go straight to the office for professional players.

And finally, choose legal betting companies that have licenses from the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. In this case, even if your account is blocked, such a decision can be challenged, including applying to the highest instance – the court. But usually, if a player is not to blame for anything, an error or misunderstanding has occurred, his account will be unblocked after the trial. The activities of licensed operators are strictly controlled, they will not risk losing their license in order to “cheat” a successful but honest player.

And if you cooperate with illegal BC, no one will even listen to the bettor, since the office is registered abroad, the player will not be able to influence it in any way, he will not go to court in Curacao or the UK.

What to do if you have blocked your account in a bookmaker’s office
First of all, you need to stop panicking. If the bettor did not violate the Offer and the unspoken rules of cooperation with the bookmaker, most likely, everything will end well for him.

The first thing to do is to check whether the account is really blocked, maybe you can’t log in to your account because the account on the Internet has run out, enter the wrong username or password, turn on the VPN by visiting the website of the Russian bookmaker. If it’s not for these reasons, if you received a notification that your account is blocked, save it – make a copy of the letter or a screenshot from the screen.

Next, contact the people who can help you, you need to move through the instances from the very bottom, if the first one did not help, we contact the next one: