How to top up the BC through the terminal

A new form of replenishment of the account in Pari-Match terminals!

The betting shop Pari-Match has become even more accessible to players from Ukraine and Russia thanks to new account replenishment systems: Payment terminals (iBox, Qiwi and others), as well as a Single W1 wallet.

As for Ukrainian players, Pari-Match is the first and only bookmaker that today offers the opportunity to replenish your gaming account in the office with the help of street payment terminals and not only.


The bookmaker does not stand still and continues to develop and supplement the list of its payment systems. Some, let’s call them “bookmakers” have long acquired such types of payment systems (various bookers, leagues are old, etc.), but it is strictly forbidden for players to carry their money to these establishments and place bets there!

But among normal bookmakers, Pari-Match is the first one that was able to find a common language and now cooperates with such systems as a Single W1 wallet and Payment terminals.

And if such payment systems have already become familiar to Russians in betting, then this is exactly the form of account replenishment that players from Ukraine lacked!

Now, any Ukrainian, without exception, can go and top up his account in a Pari-Match simultaneously with topping up his mobile phone account from the same payment machine, for example, from iBox in his nearest store or transition. Terminals of other networks such as Qiwi, EasySoft, 24NonStop and many others are also available.

This is a really useful option

Thanks to which Pari-Match has become a head taller and a step closer to its customers from Russia and Ukraine, and the problem of replenishing the account now simply does not exist. Therefore, today we approve the betting company Pari-Match as the best for players from the post-Soviet space in the nomination “Convenience and ease of replenishment of the account”.

How does it all work?

Yes, it’s very simple by going to the “Input” section/Withdraw” funds on the Pari-Match website, go to the “Terminals” section and specify the required amount in your currency. In the Unified Wallet payment service, you should specify your mobile number or e-mail address, to which you will be sent a notification about the payment process through the terminal, as well as its support.

At the same time, you will receive detailed information with payment instructions and will be able to choose the best and most convenient network for yourself.

Make only the right bets, suits and fart!