How to make a bot for betting in BC

Sports betting bot

To increase the profitability of betting, many players use bots for betting. This is the name of special programs that help determine the most likely outcome of a particular match based on statistical analysis. Of course, you can conduct it yourself, but in the case of concluding several dozen bets a day, the “intervention” of artificial intelligence is simply necessary.


Today we will tell you how to create a betting bot, where to buy ready-made software, how to use it, what are the advantages and disadvantages of such programs.

Instructions for creating a bot

Every user can create a sports betting bot, even if they do not have any programming skills. It is most convenient to create such an assistant in Microsoft Excel, so the following instructions are applicable to work in this program. To develop a bot, you need:

Create a new file in Excel, where there will be 6 pages – 3 for updated data from the Internet (Home, Away and Game with a list of upcoming games), as well as Home2, Away2 for calculations and Bet with the final list of bets.
Go to the selected sports statistics resource, for example, MyScore, and select the data for the desired championship at home and away.
Copy the received information and paste it into the corresponding tabs in Excel – Home and Away.
On the selected sports statistics portal, copy the information on upcoming players and add it to the Game tab.

This completes the preparatory process for creating a bot, then you will need to make calculations for bets:

  • Select the Home2 tab, where to transfer the necessary data for calculations from the Home page.
  • Select the Away2 tab, where to transfer the necessary data for calculations from the Away page.

These data are the names of the teams, the total number of matches and the number of games where the outcome of the player’s interest happened (TB 2.5 was broken, the victory of the guests, OBZ, and so on).

For more convenience, you can also configure the integration of the Home, Away, Game pages with the online statistics service, after which the relevant information will be added to these tabs automatically.

Download a betting bot

Although it is not very difficult to create your own sports betting bot, many users prefer to use ready-made software. You can buy a betting bot or download a free program on the Internet. The most popular programs are ValueFF (detects the highest coefficients), Minebet (creates a bot based on a ready-made template), Max Bwin (predicts football outcomes).

In addition, you can find a free sports betting bot in Telegram, such programs display all the necessary statistical information and predict the results of any matches (outcomes, totals, handicaps, etc.).

However, it is worth remembering that all these programs only facilitate the betting process, but do not perform it for the betterer. At the moment, there is still no bot in the public domain that makes bets without your participation. However, with such a rapid development of artificial intelligence, the appearance of such an assistant is not far off.

How to use the bot

Using a bot in sports betting is quite simple – you just need to run the created or downloaded program, setting the display of the necessary statistical information for the championship of interest. Then the program automatically predicts the outcome of this match. Depending on the selected bot, forecasts can be provided both as a percentage and in indicating the most likely outcome.

After receiving the desired forecast, you should confirm its reliability by independently analyzing the latest news, team motivation, coefficient movement and third-party factors beyond the control of artificial intelligence.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting bots

The betting bot is a very useful program that facilitates the betting process and makes it more profitable. Advantages of betting bots in bookmakers:

Instantly analyze all the necessary statistical information and predict the most likely outcomes based on mathematical analysis.
To a large extent, they automate the conclusion of bets and increase their overall profitability.
Often available for free to download, use on web pages or Telegram channels.

The only drawback of betting bots is that they do not take into account some parameters, for example, the motivation of teams, the mood of players and weather conditions.

  • Therefore , you should not rely entirely on bots for betting
  • The player should still have the last word.

Is it possible to use bots in betting shops

Contrary to the numerous opinions of players, the use of bots for betting is not considered a violation of the rules of bookmakers and does not entail any penalties. Moreover, some bookmakers produce their own betting bots.

So you can use such software for betting in BC without any concerns about blocking your account or confiscating funds on it.

Create your own betting bot or download a ready-made assistant to partially automate the gameplay and increase its profitability.