How to calculate how much I lost in BC

How much can you win?

  • To put
  • The betting calculator helps to calculate the possible winnings.
  • The algorithm is simple: you specify the amount you bet and the coefficient that the bookmaker gives for this event
  • The calculation formula is used to operate the calculator. She will calculate how much you can get if your chosen bet turns out to be successful.

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How to calculate the coefficient?

This is the question users often ask the search engine, although in fact they want to know what the winnings will be when betting on a certain coefficient. The answer is simple: to understand what the winnings will be, it is enough to multiply the bet amount by the coefficient itself. For example, a boxing fight. The victory of one of the opponents is estimated by a kef of 1.60, and the bookmaker gives a quote of 2.70 for the victory of the second. We put 5 thousand rubles on the first one. If he wins, the bookmaker will pay us the amount received by multiplying the bet size by the coefficient: 5000 x 1.60 = 8000 rubles. This is our win.

Your bet x The bookmaker’s coefficient = Your winnings

Note that the amount received according to this formula includes the amount of the bet made. By taking away the bet amount from it, we will find out what the net profit from a successful bet turned out to be.

How to calculate the winnings by the coefficient?

So, the size of the win directly depends on both the size of the bet and the value of the coefficient. It is not difficult to calculate it using the above formula, but to make it clearer, we will also give a table in which you can see how much money the bookmaker will pay when betting on a certain amount at a certain coefficient. For example, different sizes of bets are shown vertically, and different coefficients are shown horizontally. In some cases, the amount of payments was rounded down in order not to show pennies.

In the same way, you can calculate the winnings for any other bet amount and any other coefficient: you just need to multiply these values. If we subtract the amount of the bet made from the received number, we will get the amount of net profit on such a bet. Naturally, only if he wins.

If, answering the question “how to calculate the coefficient”, we talk about how a bookmaker does it, then we can say that this is the fruit of the work of its analysts. They collect information on the athletes participating in the competition and determine the favorite (the coefficient for his victory will be lower than the quote for the opponent’s victory). Then the set coefficient reacts to the bets of the players – the more money people will bet on a certain athlete or team, the stronger the status of the favorite is strengthened (which means that the coefficient decreases).

The higher the coefficient– the higher the potential profit.

But the risks are rising in the same proportions. If a bet of 5,000 rubles on the victory of the Russian national team at a coefficient of 1.60 will give us 8000 rubles, then, having successfully bet on 2.00, we already get 10,000 rubles.

To understand how much you can win from one bet, you need to make a bet calculation.

You can either use our calculator to calculate the winnings, or multiply the bet amount by the coefficient yourself.
The same goes for long-term rates. For example, a bet on the winner of the World Cup in Brazil. In the first place, of course, were the Brazilians. The chances that they would win the championship were 4. With a bet of 1000 rubles, you could earn + 3000 rubles net (explanation for beginners: 1000 * 4 = 4000, where 1000 is the size of your bet, and 4 is the bookmaker’s coefficient).

The second most likely candidate for victory was the Argentine national team. The coefficient is 5.5. The German national team closed the top three with a coefficient of 6.5.

Interestingly, a high coefficient was given for Spain to win – 8.0. Apparently, considering that the world and European champions (and 2 times in a row) with an age composition are not as hungry for victories as before.

Some bets may not win, but they may not lose either.

For example, there was a head start or total goals scored. Then the bookmaker will consider such bets with a coefficient of 1.0. In the common people – a refund. What will be the gain in this case? No: 50 rubles x kef 1.00 = 50 rubles, that is, zero profit.

How is winning on the express counted?

Express is a bet that includes several other bets. In such a situation, we first multiply the coefficients of each individual bet by each other and get the total coefficient of the express as a result. And then we multiply it by the size of the bet made.

To understand how to calculate the winnings in such a bet, consider an example with an express of three events.

  •  Cf. events 1 x Cf. events 2 x Cf. events 3 = Total Express coefficient
  • The coefficient of the express x The amount of the bet = Winnings from the express

For example, we want to bet that Spartak, Zenit and Dynamo will win their next matches. But the coefficient for each of the wins is low and not very attractive for betting. Then we can combine three matches into one express: the victory of Spartak – 1.30, the victory of Zenit – 1.23, the victory of Dynamo – 1.65.

The total coefficient of such an express is 2.63. If we bet 100 rubles, and each of the selected teams really wins, we will receive a payout of 263 rubles from the bookmaker (100 x 2.63 = 263). But if at least one of the bets loses, there will be no winnings at all.

Recall that in all these examples, the amount of the payout that we are entitled to in case of a win is considered. And the net gain from the bet is obtained when we subtract the bet amount from the amount received (after all, we had it in our pocket before that).

The payout amount from a successful bet is the bet amount

Net gain
For example, the 263 rubles that we received after a successful express actually brought a net gain of 163 rubles, and the remaining hundred only returned to our account.

Today, online sports betting is at the peak of popularity. Many players do not even think about how their likely winnings can be calculated. But with a tool like a betting calculator, you can always calculate everything in advance.